Low Commission + Full Service = Works Great !


How it Works?

·  My commission as your agent is only 1%-1.5% (2%-3% is recommended for buyer's agent)

.  Yes, I provide a full traditional service (from listing to closing).

.  I do the work of negotiation to save you every dollar you deserve as a seller. 

·  The total commission that you will pay is between 3%-4.75%. 

·  Save money and invest it for purchasing your future home, updating current conditions, or lowering the selling price (poor condition/location can be made up for with a lower price).

·  Unlike some flat fee real estate agents, you pay nothing if I don't sell your house. You are not obligated to accept any offer that you don't like. Flat fee agents charge upfront fee and additional fees when you close (by law flat fee agent must be present at the closing and that's why they charge again).

·  There is no additional charge. 

·  A typical Realtor commission when you list your house is between 5-7% for moderate homes in the Indianapolis area. This is split by the buyer's agent and seller's agent. 

· 1%-1.75% service doesn't mean cutting corners. I will provide the same quality of service that you would expect from other Real Estate Agents.

· Save with me and offer competitive rates to the buyers’ agent. They may be more motivated to show your home to their clients. 

What I Do (Pre- listing)


1. Make an appointment with you

2. Review pre-listing appointment questions

3. Research all comparable properties in your area through MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

4. Prepare a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis).

5. Review the Pre-listing check list

What I Do (Listing Appointment Presentation)


1. Discuss the current market condition in the seller's area.

2. Discuss the CMA result (active, pending and sold).

3. Offer a pricing strategy based on a professional interpretation of the current market in the seller's area.

4. Explain what I do to sell your house (agent's availability, screening qualified buyers...).

5. Go over a listing contract with you.

6. Make an appointment for photos.

7. Refer you other professional services as requested.

What I do (Listing/Closing)


1. Your house will be listed on the BLC (MLS - Multiple Listing Service) where properties are listed and reported nationally.

2. Your house will be listed on other sites like Zillow, Reator.com, etc.

3. A clear yard sign will be posted on your yard.

4. A digital lockbox will be installed.

5. Open houses will be held on a regular basis.

6. I will request viewing feedback from buyer's agent.

7. I will refer the best general contractors if you need it and I will check the work progress in a timely manner.

8. I will work diligently with other real estate agents to find potential buyers.

9. I will respond to your requests promptly.

10. Offers, Counter Offers, and Inspection processes will be made in a timely manner.

11. I will request financial statements from the buyer to verify funds (and know where the funds to purchase are coming from so that it's less likely to break down during the closing).

12. I will coordinate with the closing agent and attend closing.

13. And many more tasks as required/requested.